Grounds Use Guidelines

The Club grounds are located at 140 Ball Road Goshen, MA 01032.  They include two enclosed rings, two paddocks with electric fencing, access to numerous trails in our woods (including the obstacle course) and dirt roads surrounding our property, and ample parking. Use of the Club grounds is a membership benefit and limited to current club members and guests who accompany them and sign our release form due to insurance requirements.  Click here for a release form, or copies are inside the small white building (secretary’s booth) on a clipboard. Please complete all requested information and sign the form then place in the  “signed release forms” box. There is no charge if the guest is with a current member, but membership in the club is recommended if the guest will be using the grounds frequently.

Grounds are open for use unless otherwise noted on the HCRC calendar. If you expect to utilize the grounds on a regular basis, please contact a Club officer to add it to the Club Calendar.

The Club asks that you respect the grounds and buildings while using them and refrain from driving on grounds or riding in the rings when they are muddy.  Note: removal of trees, plant life or wildlife is not permitted.  If any property damage or downed trees are discovered please contact a club officer immediately. We also ask that while using the grounds you assist with upkeep, such as picking up branches, helping with grass mowing, assisting with building or fence maintenance.

The club takes pride in its beautiful grounds and would like them enjoyed by members for years to come.  Thank you for your help in making that possible!

Weekly Mowing and Weed-Whacking

We always need Member volunteers to assist in caring for the club grounds, as the task has fallen to the same few people in years past.

This year we are experimenting with grazing paddocks and also asking members to contribute funds to hire somone to mow. The grounds need mowing/weed whacking twice a month to be kept manageable. It’s definitely a full day job with our riding mower and then weed-whacking around the arenas and buildings.  Bringing your horse to graze or a friend to help makes it easier. Some folks find it relaxing! Volunteers are needed to add their name to the HCRC Mowing Calendar for a “week of” their availability, along with the date they mow. 

Please add your name to the “Google Docs calendar” above, or consider funding part of the cost for hired help. Then we will let you know about the lock to the storage shed and how to look out for rocks!

Trail Ride Expectations

HCRC develops a range of Trail Rides each season that take advantage of the area we live in. Expectations on HCRC rides are based on safety and courtesy to others.   All riders and their mounts are welcome, but we do ask that you and your equine be in proper condition. A brief description of the length of each ride is included in the Calendar and monthly newsletter.  If you are unsure of the difficulty level of the ride call the contact person ahead of time.

Members participate in Trail Rides at no charge, unless a fee is noted. Guests are welcome with an additional $10 Guest fee and signature on the HCRC release form. Riders under 18 must have both parents/guardians sign the release. Guests are the responsibility of their Member, in terms of rider and group safety, pace and good company, and the Club having a go-to if any issues arise.

Please review the full list of Trail Ride Release Form here.