Our beautiful grounds in Goshen are a terrific member benefit and the location for our clinics and events, including our Woodlands Obstacle Course.

Keeping up with the mowing is an ongoing challenge and falls to the same people most of the time. This year we are experimenting with the addition of two large temporary electric paddocks where member horses can graze and be safely contained. They are located in an area that is particularly difficult to mow and we’re testing how it will work. If you’re willing to spend a day in the sunshine mowing, please sign up on our schedule here: Mowing Schedule

In our 2018 Survey, the idea of paying a teenager to mow, with members contributing financially was raised, with more than 60% of respondents willing to help out. We estimate the cost at minimum wage will be about $100 per mowing and we’d like to give that a try this year.

If you are willing to put funds toward a day, half day or some other amount, please send a check to the Club mailbox or use the Paypal option below, noting “Mowing” in the description.