At this time events will take place via Zoom, which opens up our long distance options! Member suggestions are always welcome — contact Alex Sprague at (603) 540-4860 or

March 17: 7:00pm – Suzanne Mente, Pilates for Equestrians, via Zoom

May 19: 7:00pm – Kathy Ladendecker Natural Equine Nutrition

July 21: 7:00pm Introduction to TREC Mapping — Prep for the TREC Event September 11th! Via Zoom

September 15: 7:00pm – First Aid on the Trail, with Caroline Barstow, DVM of Hess McWilliams


Past Speaker Information

9/16/2020 Dr. Tania Cubitt from Performance Horse Nutrition sponsored by Poulin Feeds, discussed Equine Gut Health.

7/15/2020 Dr. Stephanie Vassar, Great Falls Equine on the ABC’s of Equine Health Issues via Webinar. A link to a copy of her presentation is available here: Password: 7q^%!m?2  

5/20/2020 Dr. Masoud Hashemi, UMass Speaks on Mud and Manure Management was held via Zoom. A link to a copy of his presentation is available here:

Other helpful horse related info is on the UMASS website at: