Our 2020 Speaker season has concluded but we welcome suggestions for 2021 when we hope to back at the Westhampton Library!

Past Speaker Information

9/16/2020 Dr. Tania Cubitt from Performance Horse Nutrition sponsored by Poulin Feeds, discussed Equine Gut Health. A link to her presentation as well as a copy of her Powerpoint will be available soon.

7/15/2020 Dr. Stephanie Vassar, Great Falls Equine on the ABC’s of Equine Health Issues via Webinar. A link to a copy of her presentation is available here: https://cdk.zoom.us/rec/share/xZdcP7_qtWdIU4Hd0E3ma-0ZT6vDT6a8hHAbrPYJyU783jeUho8BdALAb7dIZfpm Password: 7q^%!m?2  

5/20/2020 Dr. Masoud Hashemi, UMass Speaks on Mud and Manure Management was held via Zoom. A link to a copy of his presentation is available here: https://ag.umass.edu/crops-dairy-livestock-equine/videos/zoom-presentation-mud-manure-with-masoud-hashemi

Other helpful horse related info is on the UMASS website at: